Welcome to White Oak Farms – a commercial cattle, goat and chicken farm on 270 acres of pasture and forest in Knox County, Ohio. For sales questions, please contact Bill or Sara Lawhon at:

Bill: wlawhon@ohiotechserv.com ; 614-309-4350

Sara: sara@whiteoakfarms.com

No hormones, antibiotics or growth additives are used in our animal or egg production.

Feeder Calves

White Oak Farms raises Black Angus, Red Angus and Shorthorn cattle. Our calves are born in the fall and available for purchase the following spring. We practice rotational grazing spring through fall and sustain the cattle through the winter on hay, stockpiled forage and corn forage grown on-site.


White Oak Farms raises Kiko, Koy (Spanish) and Weinheimer (Spanish) goats. Kids of each breed are born in May and are available for purchase in late August/early September. Animals range in woods and pastures in rotation with our beef cows.


Our Barred Rock chickens have free range of the woods at White Oak Farms. Their brown eggs are available for purchase by the dozen.

White Oak Farms raises Rainbow Ranger broilers throughout the spring and summer. Bulk orders for 10 or more chickens (whole; fresh or frozen) can be taken at any time.


We are also interested in sustainable forestry, farmland preservation and conservation projects. Please check back as information on these topics will be added.